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Welcome! I am so glad you could stop by. My emphasis throughout my site will be on finding your own Path. This is my Path. Yours may be similar and it may not. Whatever your Path,walk it intentionally and not because some one else does.I hope you will have to stop and think about things I say. Do think about it. Do use your brain. Please do not believe something simply because it is written on a webpage or in a book. Read more than one book. Read a hundred books! Be a witch, don't read a witch! ;-)

"Magical working is possible using logic, but for it to be more than mere reading of someone else's words in some grimoire, it requires intuition as the wings to lift it off the ground."~~Robin Goodefellow

The only thing I would add to these words from my pal Robin would be "it requires intuition and imagination to life it off the ground." What do you think? Life was a typo on my part, but a good one as typo's go!

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